Baby Talk, Trying to Conceive (TTC)

Another Step to Answers

The visit to the OBGYN wasn’t as I hoped. She didn’t want to run any tests or give me any other medications, but she immediately referred me to an RE.

She warned me that RE’s are typically not covered under our insurance. She says very few plans in the company offer any infertility coverage…

We have 50% coverage! Of all infertility treatments! I was so excited. I have to get some bloodwork done, but I am supposed to call the first full day of my period and let them know so we can schedule an HSG test.

I admitted to DH that the reason I am so scared is that I can’t imagine myself being a mother. I can’t imagine being pregnant, I can’t imagine any of it.

But as I was talking and looking at my darling husband, I realized I never was able to imagine being married. I really never thought I would be married. I never thought I wold even be in love.

But here I am. Married to my soulmate, living on our own, not relying on parents’ money, full-time jobs, saving money… it’s incredible.


So I might not be able to imagine being pregnant or being a mother… but that shouldn’t stop me.


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