About 5 Weeks Along, the Nerves are Real

I am constantly looking up things about what is the sign that the pregnancy is going well, signs of miscarriage, signs that you are not progressing as you should.

Right now I’m about 5 weeks along (more or less), and I’ve started to get my blood drawn to make sure my hCG levels are rising as they should.

At home, I do pregnancy tests to see the line progression of the positive. So far, it is progressing. But I won’t be happy until I see a really dark line OR I see the nugget on the ultrasound.

So far I have all of the good signs. The white, watery discharge, bloating, cramping, no spotting, higher temperature, fatigue, hunger…. but no real “well-known” symptoms like nausea or vomiting.

I won’t really relax until about September, where I know we are reaching the 20th week and we would be safe.

It’s still nuts to think that it will mean the baby is just MONTHS away…. *is terrified*


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