Pregnancy, Ramblings

12 Weeks and 5 Days

I feel lucky to be pregnant. We struggled for a year, and while it isn’t a big struggle compared to how many infertility stories I have read, it was hard for us.

I am so excited to meet our child. I pray and hope every day that it keeps growing, that it’s strong and healthy.

But I hate being pregnant. I feel so sick all the time, my breasts hurt (SO MUCH) and I feel like I’m in constant discomfort. It’s utterly maddening, and I wish it was over.

I want our baby in my arms, right now. I’m ready to go through labor and everything, right now, so long as pregnancy is over. Pregnancy is 9 months, labor is (at best) 48 hours. I am willing to endure days of pain, if I can be done with this much nausea, fatigue, heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids, nipple soreness, and everything else that this pregnancy is bringing me.

Constant urge to pee, not sleeping through the night, forgetting things half way, falling asleep constantly, crying at the drop of a hat, sciatica (ALREADY), and just…. yeah, not great.

I already wound up in the ER due to severe morning sickness/dehydration. I’ve had to physically remove poop from my butt. It’s awful.

But I love our child, infinitely. I hope every day that it’s okay, that it’s thriving, that it will be okay and that I’m taking care of it.

I know my husband will be the most amazing father. I know he will love and look after us.

But I want this pregnancy to be OVER.


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