19 Weeks; Almost There

Yesterday, I hit 19 weeks of pregnancy. It’s kind of surreal how slow and yet how fast this is going.

A few weeks ago, when I was 16 weeks and 3 days, I felt something like a bubble growing inside of my lower abdomen. Then it suddenly popped, but had a noticeable thud to it.

It was pretty insane! I couldn’t believe it, and that’s when I knew, I felt just him kick.

After speaking with my OBGYN last Wednesday, she concurred that yes, he was definitely kicking. Since I turned 18 weeks and on, he’s kicking every day. I feel him enough where even Hubby can feel him! He’s felt him kick twice, and it’s always so amazing. Any time we are on the couch, he wants to know if he’s kicking so he can feel!

I definitely am attached to this little guy, and I can’t wait to meet him. On the 28th, we have our anatomy scan to make sure everything is okay and looks normal. My MIL will hopefully be joining us, and hopefully we can have more photos to share with our family!

Even now, I can feel him thump away in there, do little flips and wooshes. When my OBGYN tried to find his heart rate, I could feel him move away from the doppler and start kicking/punching. It made me so happy to feel him.

I still don’t “look” pregnant. I barely have a bump, and while I’m wearing maternity pants it isn’t exactly bulging. I’m hoping I won’t get too big, just for comfort sake. But I’d like to look pregnant and not just like I’m getting fat….


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